Axiom (v1.2.0)

A lightweight PHP framework
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
axAtomFeedWriterAtom Feed Writer
axBaseControllerController base class
axBaseHelperBase class for helpers
axBaseModelModel Base Class
axCaptionHelperHTML table caption helper
axCatpchaTextual captcha generator
axCheckboxGroupHelperCheckbox Group Helper Class
axClassNotFoundExceptionException thrown if a class load fails
axColGroupHelperColumn Group Helper Class
axColHelperColumn Helper Class
axConfigurationConfiguration Interface
axDatabaseDatabase class
axDirectoryFilterIteratorDirectory Filter Iterator
axExtensionFilterIteratorExtention filter iterator
axFeedGeneric Feed Class
axFeedEntryFeed Entry Class
axFeedWriterFeed Writer abstract class
axFieldsetHelperHTML Fieldset Helper Class
axFormHelperHTML Form Helper Class
axFormLineHelperForm Line Helper Class
axForwardExceptionFoward Exception
axHelperHelper Interface
axIniConfigurationINI Configuration file parser
axInputHelperInput Helper Class
AxiomMain framework class
axLabelHelperLabel Helper Class
axLibraryLibrary Class
axLocaleLocale class
axLogLog Class
axLoggerLogger Abstract Class
axLoginExceptionLogin Exception Class
axMailMail Class
axMissingFileExceptionMissing File Exception
axModelInterface for all model entities
axModuleManagerModule Manager
axMySQLObjectMySQL Object
axOptionHelperOption Helper CLass
axPDOStatementIteratorPDO Statement Iterator Class
axRadioGroupHelperRadio Group Helper Class
axRedirectExceptionRedirect Exception Class
axRequestRequest Class
axResponseResponse Class
axRouteRoute Class
axRouterRouter and dispatcher Class
axRssFeedWriterRSS Feed Writer Class
axSelectHelperSelect Helper Class
axSessionSession Class
axTableDataHelperTable Data Helper Class
axTableHelperTable Helper Class
axTableRowGroupHelperTable Row Group Helper Class
axTableRowHelperTable Row Helper
axTextareaHelperTexarea Helper Class
axTextLoggerText Logger Class
axTreeItemTree Item Class
axViewManagerView Manager Class
BrowscapBrowscap.ini parsing class with caching and update capabilities
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